Nurse Madeline
Medical & Enema Fetishist

Services & Rates


Fetishist's First Aid
Nurse will fix your boo-boo and make you feel all better
Nurse has the skills to lift your spirits and heal what ails you

first aid

General Examinations
Nurse takes your temperature the old-fashioned way
Nurse tests your reflexes by whatever means necessary

General Exams fetish nursechicago fetish nursechicago enema nursechicago dominant nurse

Hypodermic Injections/Needle Play/Blood Draw Fantasies
Nurse is adept with saline, needle, and syringe
Nurse sucks the life out of her patients one vial at a time

chicago nurse madeline

Saline Inflations/Infusions
Nurse will expand your horizons and inflate your ego
Nurse takes sadistic glee in poking fun at her patients

chicago enema humiliation

Nurse believes a stitch in time saves nine
Nurse loves needle and thread

chicago infibulation

External Catheters/Balloon Catheters/Bladder Control/Bladder Inflation Fantasies
Nurse will see to it that you are drained by the time you leave
Nurse loves to control her patient's bodily functions

chicago medfet

Nurse will delve into the source of your ailment and probe all possibilities
Nurse will determine the proper course of treatment

chicago medical fetish

Experiment Subject
Nurse often uses her patients as Guinea pigs
Nurse's devious experiments are legendary, even in hell

chicago medfet dominatrix

Nurse's behavior can be quite shocking, even hair-raising
PSG-MAX, TENS, violet wand, Pleasure Tec, e-stim

chicago e-stim

Dental Play
Nurse will examine your pie hole and probe your tonsils
Nurse knows wicked ways in which to use dental instruments

chicago electro play

Creative Bondage
Nurse believes restraint can be important, especially with unruly patients
Nurse may bandage, bind, confine, or mummify, if your ailment calls for it

chicago mummification

Latex Fetish/Bondage
Nurse has a thing for rubber attire, mummification, play, inflation, and deflation
Nurse may use her Latex vacuum bed, strait jacket, hoods, mitts, inflatables, and other items

chicago medfet nurse

Nurse will cleanse your soul with concoctions beyond the ordinary
Nurse does NOT administer medicated enemas

chicago enemas

Eye Exam
Nurse may ask you to read the lines on the chart to determine your vision
Nurse may use her natural assets to test your vision, if the eye chart isn't sufficient (no nudity, only cleavage)

chicago dominatrix nurse

Dental Gags
Nurse may gag you with one of her devious dental gags
Nurse may do this if she needs to introduce fluids into your throat or quiet your moaning

chicago mistress nurse

Nurse has shower facilities for post-session washing
Nurse may send you limping home, drained of all your energy

chicago nurse mistress

Golden Toilet Training
Look at this exquisite device called The Throne of Humiliation
Human toilets are pathetic creatures

chicago dungeon

Nurse has a special place in her heart for adult babies and sissy babies in need of a nurse
Nurse entertains diaper lovers with a variety of cloth nappies and disposable diapers

chicago rubber nurse

Nurse often deems it necessary to transform bad male patients into good sissy patients
Nurse sometimes instructs in the use of pads, tampons, and douches during a gurl's first gyno exam

chicago latex nurse

Rubber Nurse
Nurse understands your Latex fetish and has lots of rubber equipment
Nurse has lots of rubber attire for you and herself

chicago latex bondage

Nurse understands your eunuch role play fantasies
Nurse has a burdizzo and an elastrator with different bands

chicago castration play

Bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism of any sort may be incorporated into your session
Some examples include sensory deprivation, CBT, rope bondage, OTK spanking, and corporal punishment

Chicago BDSM

*The term "nurse" on this site is used loosely to describe a fantasy role play figure, someone pretending to be a nurse during a role play fetish scenario. Everything done at Kinky Klinik is done in the context of fantasy role play. Nothing is to be taken seriously or done in the name of science or medicine. Sexual gratification, penetration, "helping hand," massage, sex acts, jobs, or anything of that nature is not offered, so please do not ask. This is not just a legal disclaimer.  I do not offer sex.  Believe it. You are unworthy of access to any of my private parts. Explicit emails will be deleted.

Fetish Nurse


Rate...Stay up to this many hours
(leave whenever you wish)

$300...1 hour
$500...2 hours
$700...3 hours (recommended minimum)
$1000...8 hours
$1500...12 hours
The following sessions include 8 hours sleep and 16 hours play each day.
$2000...24 hours
$2500...48 hours
$3000...72 hours
$3500...96 hours
$4000...120 hours
$4500...144 hours
$5000...168 hours

I accept cash, major debit cards, and major credit cards, as well as many other payment methods. Just ask.

chicago white room fantasy

chicago medical play                   chicago white room                   chicago medfet dom                     chicago medfet domina                     chicago medfet domme                   chicago mistress dominatrix

chicago fetish nurse

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