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Kinky Klinik - My medical fantasy studio

My Kinky Klinik is discretely located on the northwest side of Chicago. It is less than 15 minutes from O'Hare International Airport (ORD) and The Loop (downtown Chicago financial district), and less than 30 minutes from Midway Airport (MDW). My studio is easily accessible via public transportation, such as taxi, bus, train, limo, ride-sharing, et cetera.

The comfortable, upscale, and private residential location is in an exemplary, very safe neighborhood. There is free driveway parking. In inclement weather you are welcome to park in my garage.

Free transportation is provided for out-of-town visitors to and from the bus depot, train station, or airport, if your session is at least 24 hours.

Medical Fetish Dungeon


My Kinky Klinik is located in my residential home, which is in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Chicagoland. You will be very safe. Discretion is assured and expected.

Three rooms comprise the space. There is a dedicated restroom, an exam room, and a hospital room. There is also a little reception area right outside the exam room door. Everything is very realistic. I set the stage for an authentic and riveting session.

In addition to the Kinky Klinik, there are other rooms in my facility. There is a dungeon, classroom, domestic discipline parlor, feminization room, sissy nursery, ABDL playroom, and an adult baby nursery. Any of these rooms can be incorporated into your session, if you so desire.

Exam Room - The exam room rivals any medical or dental office exam room.

The exam room is divided into two distinct spaces, which are separated by a white antimicrobial three panel privacy screen. On one side is my dental exam room and on the other is my medical exam room. The dental area takes up about one-third of the large room, while the medical space takes up the other two-thirds.

The dental exam room large pieces include a dental exam chair, a ceiling mounted dental light, a gas lift dentist's stool, a non-functional wall mount intraoral bitewing x-ray machine (gutted, so no radiation), a mobile cart full of goodies, an instrument tray, and strategically placed mirrors.

The medical exam room large pieces include a medical exam table with stirrups and a drainage tray, a gurney, a pneumatic doctor’s swivel stool, a stainless steel gooseneck exam light, a beam scale with height rod, a ceiling mounted cold light surgical operating lamp, stainless steel IV stands, stainless steel shelves, stainless steel mayo stands, stainless steel trolleys, stainless steel carts, stainless steel storage cabinets, and strategically placed mirrors.

Hospital Room - The hospital room measures up to any private room in a hospital.

The hospital room is perfect for "patients" and "experiment subjects" who wish to do an extended session. It is also ideal for clients who wish to do a shorter session, while experiencing the authenticity of a hospital stay. No detail was overlooked in the creation of the hospital room. It is beyond incredible.

The hospital room large pieces include a motorized hospital bed, overbed table, strategically placed mirrors, central monitoring unit with nurse call button, hospital linen hamper, geri chair, bedside table storage cabinet, wheelchair, transport chair, stretcher, stainless steel IV stand, patient monitor rolling stand with utility basket, patient monitor with ECG/EKG paper printer, cables, and electrode pads (measures O2, BP, respiration, heart rate, temperature).

Bathroom - The restroom is immaculately clean and very luxurious.

Kinky Klinik's bathroom is all marble, beautifully appointed, and clean enough to eat off the floor.

It is the perfect place to expel your enema, clean up after a session, or freshen up upon arrival.

Upon arrival you will receive a fresh set of towels that have been laundered with laundry detergent and bleach. You will also get a set of individually wrapped personal toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, body wash, lotion, a pre-pasted toothbrush, a small package of tissues, a disposable razor, and shaving cream. These one time use disposable items are geared toward offering the most sanitary experience possible. To maintain cleanliness and avoid contamination, the bathroom sink is equipped with a no touch infrared motion sensor soap dispenser.

The restroom is thoroughly sterilized between clients. After each client, every bathroom surface is thoroughly cleaned with CaviCide multi-purpose disinfectant and sporacide. That rigorous cleansing is followed by exposure to a large UV-C light. The ultraviolet light is left on for the recommended duration to ensure a 99.99% kill rate of viruses, bacteria, and fungi.


I take the safety of my clients and myself very seriously. A large part of that safety is cleanliness. I follow widely accepted standards of sterilization in order to maintain an aseptic environment.

To begin with, all surfaces and large equipment are either wiped down with CaviWipes broad spectrum disinfecting wipes or cleaned using CaviCide multi-purpose disinfectant and sporacide.

I go even further to ensure safe and aseptic surroundings, by constantly running a HEPA negative air machine scrubber and purifier with UV-C sanitizing light in my Kinky Klinik, which helps reduce and eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold, and other pathogens from the air we breathe.

Ultraviolet sanitizing is an incredibly effective disinfection method in killing infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi on environmental surfaces.

I have several UV light apparatuses. UV light sterilization achieves a 99.99% kill rate for pathogens through cell destruction, thus eliminating most health hazards commonly associated with medical environments.

Ultraviolet emitting radiation technology is not used as the sole disinfection protocol at my facility. In addition to the air disinfection module in my Kinky Klinik, I also use a Tuttnauer Valueklave 1730 autoclave sterilizer to disinfect all reusable items, such as stainless steel implements. I even go so far as to utilize a 3M Comply SteriGage Steam Chemical Integrator. This strip ensures three conditions are met to validate sterilization, which include time, temperature, and presence of saturated steam.

Just outside the hospital room door is an infrared motion sensor water dispenser with an automatic cup dispenser. I have taken every precaution to reduce cross contamination in my Kinky Klinik.

My kitchen is spotless. Any food I prepare is made while wearing vinyl gloves, after a thorough hand washing. I wear a hairnet and practice food safety as advised by the CDC and our government food safety website.


Medical Fetish - My vintage medical collection is wondrous.

Equipment - Kinky Klinik rivals any medical office exam room and hospital room.

Supplies - Kinky Klinik has an amazing array of medical paraphernalia and props.

Enema Fetish - My enema bag and nozzle collection is mind-boggling.

I am a lifelong enema fetishist.

I am the founder, organizer, and hostess of Chicago E-fest, an annual enema festival that I established in 2009. You can find out more about this fun enema fetish get-together by visiting the Chicago E-fest website. Simply click on the Chicago E-fest menu button shown above.

I started collecting enema related items, when I was a graduate student.

I have a huge collection of vintage and antique enema receptacles, including cold war communist USSR issue olive drab metal cans, US military issue stainless steel cans, JBL sit-ons, a Nineteenth Century Persian gourd, enamel buckets, stainless steel buckets, metal brass glass and plastic syringes, rubber bulbs, many dozens of Latex and silicone bags, SunMark, BF Goodrich, Monarch, Davol, Silver Leaf, Endurance, Rexall, Symbol, numerous types of animal bladders, glass bottles, a turn of the last century tobacco smoke enema kit, and on and on.

My nozzle collection is every bit as comprehensive as my enema bag collection.

Latex Fetish - My rubber collection is astounding.

I have many Latex pieces perfect for any photo shoot or fantasy role play, including a vacuum bed, sleep sacks, strait jackets, sheeting, bondage mitts, hoods, rebreathers, inflatables, deflatables, insertables, gags, gas masks, blindfolds, floggers, whips, cuffs, collars, and more.

I have an extensive Latex rubber wardrobe, including boots, uniforms, clothing, shoes, masks, hoods, and gloves.

Crossdressing Latex rubber is plentiful in many sizes, including corsets, garter belts, and thigh high boots.

Chicago Medical Fetish

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